About HSG

About HSG

HSG is an imaginative concept design practice that creates original ideas, storylines, interpretation plans, immersive exhibitions, interactive art and sculpture.

We are a bespoke team of experienced creatives who engage in a collaborative approach with top industry specialists around the world.

Internationally recognised our objective is to create original design ideas with (the wow factor) and deliver them into reality across a broad spectrum of visitor experiences.

Our Skillset

The HSG skillset is original, we actualise.

  1. Unique Design Concepts
  2. Outstanding Creativity
  3. Dynamic Master Planning
  4. Imaginative Interpretation
  5. Great Storytelling
  6. In-depth Research
  7. Immersive Environments
  8. Engaging Interactives
  9. 3-Dimensional Design and Build Solutions
  10. Project Direction and Effective Management
  11. Proactive Art and Sculpture

Market Sectors

HSG is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy with specialist experience in the following market sectors:

  1. Shop Original Products
  2. Permanent, Temporary and Travelling Exhibitions
  3. Sculpture and Fine Art
  4. Visitor attractions and experiences
  5. Family entertainment Centres
  6. Museums and Galleries
  7. Grade 1 Expo’s
  8. Immersive Environments
  9. Intelligent Interiors