The Thinking Tree

The thinking tree concept is based on creating worldwide destinations to connect communities and cultural arts projects. The initial tree is designed using copper tubing which is fluted in its tips so that once placed on the beach it creates its own original and unique sound of nature when blown by the wind. Giant seed pods hang from the tree and one has fallen off onto the sand below forming a bench on which to sit.

As we reflect under the tree listening to the sounds created and watching the waves break it feels as if its first seed had travelled from a distant land and washed up on the beach.

The idea is that the tree becomes a destination and from this unique place via satellite technology we can down load the thinking tree application and connect with different communities worldwide. It might be a tree made of coke cans on the beach overlooking Table Mountain it might be made of re-cycled plastic or flotsam but from your destination you  can download and get involved with arts , environmental and craft projects with different communities around the world. It can be a place of unique music download, a platform of great debate but most definitely a place of great interactivity and inspiration connecting minds and creating the future.