County Lines

County lines is a big problem that at times overruns the police and causes consistent devastation to families and communities. In line with several exhibitions of this nature the HSG design focus is to try to raise awareness and make a real difference. With this in mind HSG has designed a travelling roadshow that targets the problem areas around the country, provides on the spot guidance, encourages debate and educates people to know what to do and to keep safe when faced with a problem situation.

The fully liveried bus delivers the message “county lines your life in your hands” as invariably the process is linked to the use of a mobile phone. When you enter the bus you are in an immersive street environment. The first interactive you engage with is a giant mobile phone which is sensory and picks up your presence which triggers the phone screen to activate. It is your wake up call. It explains what the process of county lines involves , how urban gangs are recruiting to set up lines to rural areas to sell class A drugs.

Our second interactive focuses on spotting the signs and changes in people's feelings, behaviour, affiliations and observations both in the school, social and home environment. We swipe the phone to bring up some life choices and explain the process of how we can help from being drawn in and prevent getting involved. Indication, identification, intervention, education, prevention all play a part in trying to keep safe, but not everybody listens or gets lucky.

We follow the problem down the line, explore the vicious circles it creates and try to find the way out. We are at the train station where the young kids recruited by the gangs to deliver drugs to the urban areas are ready to embark. Graffiti on the walls reminds us it's not too late to turn back before boarding the train. Once on the train we go on a virtual reality ride , we are “going country” we engage with screen play which explains the various dangers and scenarios you are about to encounter. Desperate to find a way out our journey ends. We get off the train and a giant mobile phone is in front of us with the heading ”Lifelines”. Here you are encouraged to escape the clutches of the gang, take your chance, get your life back, speak to people who can help and find the way out for a better future.