Cinnamon Red F.E.C.

The concept of the Cinnamon Red family entertainment centre perfectly compliments the “Experince Sri Lanka “ journey housed within this stunning new hotel development complex on Colombo’s waterfront.

Whilst the kids are playing and having fun with the interactives the experience is also designed to impart passive learning, a sense of adventure and discovery about the nature and environment of Sri Lanka. Mum and dad can observe from the recreated jungle hide out, beach cafes and restaurants.

We enter through the mouth of the giant Octopus which also houses a reception, ticketing and a shop. Once through registration our first experience is the interactive reef , where we are amongst giant sea anemones, shoals of fish and sensory engagement screens where we meet a series of reef characters and themed actors.

Our actors are our guides as we enter the brain coral structure. A maze that reveals a miryad of hidden secrets before finding our way out to board the pirate galleon.

Whilst on board we engage with a series of water based interactives as rope bridges and swings lead us up into the jungle canopy

Once in the jungle interactive characters appear through the rain forest , the jungle tree house beams in live footage of the forest canopy and leads to a clearing which houses a series of jungle tube slides of snakes and plants which land us down to ground level and onto the beach. Here we discover hidden shells that contain prizes and relax to have a well earned drink in the beach café