Warning Zone (Dangers of Water)

Warning Zone (Dangers of Water)

The Warning Zone is a fantastic charity that specialises in teaching children by raising awareness of the everyday dangers that surround them.

HSG has designed several exhibitions within the development including the most recent zone which focused on the dangers of water.

Working in conjunction with the Canal and Riverside Trust and the R.N.L.I. HSG created a walk-through experience engaging the children with various different scenarios of what they should do if they found themselves or their friends found themselves in trouble near water. We encounter local rivers , lakes and reservoirs and explain through the use of simple interactives the best course of action to take.

We embark on a custom built canal boat called “Keep Safe” and go on a journey along the local canal at Foxton Locks pointing out the dangers with our captain for the day, the animated Warning zone frog before walking through a lock to discover the dangers that lie beneath the water.

Exiting through the weed curtain we find ourselves on the beach.

A giant cartoon beachscape graphic points out different scenarios of dangers in and around the seaside. We meet the life guard and watch an audio visual presentation of the R.N.L.I saving lives of people that have got in to problems around the coast. We point out the plastic not fantastic interactive and find out how to help keep the beach safe and clean for visitors and wildlife.

We leave the beach and visit the quarry before entering stone cold cove where the dangers of tombstoning and cold water shock are explained.