Opportunity Over Time

The interpretive story line of the Oman Pavilion has at its heart the Boswellia Sacra Fluek (Frankincense tree). Able to withstand the harshest climates of Arabia's desert, its strong roots can grow up to 30 metres deep and are powerful enough to break through stones and mountains. From this symbolism our story creates a vivid dialogue between the country's rich and ancient wisdom, its cultural essence and its new growth . The Frankincense tree, the tree of opportunity. A tree that evolves and tells the stories of dialogue between old and new . A story of “Opportunity over time.”

We enter the first exhibition space to discover the main point of focus a giant Frankincense tree , with its roots exposed below a glass floor it connects Oman's Cultural roots that reach out to grow new opportunities. An immersive space projected with key messages mapped across the walls, floor and ceiling that emerge from the tree to tell the story of Oman’s renaissance and vision for the future.

The story of opportunity is taken forward in our next zone which is designed to have a high level of interactivity and visitor engagement. The atmosphere is full of scents and flavour, you are surrounded by the essence of Luban, the flavours of Qahwa , Omani dates and a feeling of true rich Omani welcome. Surrounded by a 360 interactive and reactive screens our opening shot is of a young boy with his grandad at the top of the Al Hajar mountain range. He explains how he used to come here to watch the falcons fly and how he could see over all of Oman. He explains how things have moved on and how new technology can blend with tradition to form a bright future.

They have come to this place because it is the young boy's birthday. His Grandad gives the boy a present and as he unwraps it he realises it is a drone. He sets it up and lets it loose. As he does so, the visitors are taken on a virtual journey flying across Oman to discover its natural beauty and heritage, we fly through the wadis, journey across the sea, relax on the beaches, visit the Mars base testing facility and fly through the souk all with our virtual tour guide.