The Theory of New India

The Theory of New India

The evolutionary theory of New India established, we set out on our journey to discover what makes India so special, what makes India so fascinating and what are the ingredients that come together to make India so Unique. It is these foundations on which New India is based and positions itself for a bright new future. Mobile and sustainable, a land that connects and creates. We engage and discover a world that thinks it knows - and then reveals a new astonishing reality. There is the story of India the world has been told - and there is a new one, still unfolding, of breathtaking growth, youth and possibility.

Our creative approach takes visitors on a journey from the old story to the new, challenging expectations at every turn to radically shift perceptions. By repositioning India’s rich heritage as the key to its future, the pavilion will connect the dots leading to a New India , made strong by tradition but limitless in its vision for tomorrow’s world.

Fuelled by a sense of play, surprise and wonder, visitors will take the leap from the familiar to the unknown, where the true depth and multiplicity of India is revealed.

We journey into space looking at the technical advances in defence, safety, satellite communications, efficient precision farming, health and welfare making India a better place, making the world a better place and growing stronger as a nation.

We arrive at a New India the basis of our concept. A new world energy. In India by the time the world expo opens it will have the world's youngest population with over 800 million people under the age of 35. A New India, highly educated, technologically advanced, a land of great culture driven forward by youth empowered investment.