Today the World Turned Upside Down

Today the World Turned Upside Down

One of the key challenges of the New Zealand Pavilion project brief was the clear intent to get the visitor to move away from the perception that New Zealand is a little country at the bottom of the world full of cute little kiwis , when in fact in certain areas of business development, environment, invention , cultural heritage and sport it is a world leader. With our concept theory now locating New Zealand in the Northern Hemisphere we set about creating an experience that directly changed the visitors mindset. What if when you enter the pavilion “Today the world turned upside down” Your perception and understanding of New Zealand completely changes and you understand what a great place it is to be and how it is at the forefront of New Technology and Environmental understanding. You want to be part of the solution to the world's problems and get involved to help do something about it!

Central to the entrance atrium at the point of the Takarangi spiral our experience starts with a sound and light show that depicts the creation of a new life. As the fern unfolds in the sky a child appears who descends to earth in New Zealand and goes on a journey, encountering the world's environmental issues and discovering sustainable innovative solutions. Returning home to New Zealand as a guardian of the Planet she realises that New Zealand is at the forefront of raising environmental awareness and developing new inventive approaches to sustainability. A message she promotes by connecting with people, industry and governments around the world.

Our journey starts on land by taking us back to our roots to discover some of the imminent challenges and innovative solutions that evolve to protect the planet's well-being. We travel through forests, rivers, lakes, mountains and discover the influence of the sky at the waterfall with the rains of Ranganui. Glow worms show the way. We encounter Nutrients, greenhouse gases, N-acid, deforestation, tipping points of climate change, bacteria, virus, disease and agriculture. We emerge from the glow worm caves to enter the sea. We are under the ice cap faced with a planet that is globally warming, the ice cap is melting all around us, we discover a map showing the rate that countries are submerging as the sea level rises.

We move forward to the centre of the Ocean to its centre is a giant sperm whale who happens to have the largest brain of any creature on the planet. Looking at the whale front on we illuminate the brain and connect its mind with ours. This interactive central show prompts questions and key messages about the environment and what can be done to protect its future. We look at serious issues surrounding Plastic, Toxic Soup, Falling PH levels and Co2 emmisions.

Walking out of the sea we look up to the sky passing the Poutokomanawa giant water column to walk over the bridge of perception. Under the baskets of Kete our minds are connected to make a difference , promote change and sustainability.

We enter the futurescape of the new world, high tech solutions, space, satellite communication, innovation, creativity and future leaders creating new business and opportunities for a better future.