New Zealand Pavilion Expo 20/21 Dubai

New Zealand Pavilion  (Finalist)
Architectural Design by RTA Studio
Principal Richard Naish
Grey Lynn Auckland

Shafts of light cut through the clouds forming an array of ley lines slicing through the sky.

An axial ley line makes a direct connection between the two countries of New Zealand and Dubai, projecting through the heart of the earth connecting the north with the south.

If the axial ley line is the genesis of “The Big Idea” with the heart post to its centre pointing true south 15 degrees to the North and 5 degrees to the East then it is possible to perceive that “ Today the world turned upside down”. The perception being that New Zealand is actually at the top of the world in the Northern hemisphere looking down. The Interactive ley lines appear out of the desert at Dubai Expo forming an architectural field which is the basis of of the New Zealand Pavilion design.

To the centre of the pavilion the heart post spikes out of the ground surrounded by the Takarangi spiral. Evoking the key interpretive message that from the heritage of the past comes the opportunity for the future.