India Pavilion Expo 20/21 Dubai

India Pavilion (Winner)
Architectural Design by CP Kukreja Architects
Principal Dikshu C Kukreja
New Delhi India

Representing India on an International forum selected from 45 entrants worldwide the India Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 is conceptualised to exhibit the traditional elements of India in a modern visionary Language.

Inspired by the words of Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi “We are not merely reforming our country, we are transforming India” “We have pledged to build a New India by the time independent India turns 75 years”. The Expo 20/21 India Pavilion is a bejewelled box of treasures that holds the power of a billion dreams. A giant façade breathing with life is embedded with L.E.D communication that welcomes the visitor to embark on a journey of integration and unity and discover the pathway to “New India.” The world's brightest land of opportunity.

Our concept focused on developing the theory of what the journey to “New India” actually is. This formed the interpretive basis of imagining the visitor experience which linked into the primary Expo theme “connecting minds and creating the future.”