Oman Pavilion Expo 20/21 Dubai

Oman Pavilion (Finalist)
Architectural Design by Cox Architecture
Adelaide Australia

Inspired by the Frankincense tree the Oman pavilion concept is a fantastically stunning creation. Its welcoming arrival area the sea court astrolabe looks up to the stars and the world of seafaring discovery, maritime history and trade.

The Luban Frankincense bulbs and leaves which inform the architectural concept immerse you in the feeling of energy, vitality and future growth.

Our journey evolves as the visitors move through the landscape of the wadi valley, they discover its ancient history and connect with the legacy of wisdom to inspire and empower the youth of today.

Amazed by the diversity of the visitor experience it's time for reflection in the 7 senses Frankincense gardens, contemplating spiritual health,wellness and enlightenment, looking forward to a bright future.