Sharing the Secret

The Interpretive plan for the Museum of Military intelligence. MMI sets out to tell the story of Military Intelligence.

Sharing the secret” is an interactive exhibition following the evolution of military intelligence and outlining its important and ongoing work in the world today. Extensive research of the collections resulted in the identification of 5 primary themes around which our storyline revolves. Capabilities. British Military intelligence and supporting activities. Intelligence in action. Black op’s agencies and units. The Future of Intelligence.

You soon realise the presence and importance of our building at Milton Bryan a unique site that within it holds a dynamic story of wartime intelligence. Our journey starts with an introduction to our over arching theme “Mind Human and Machine”. Here we put the visitor inside the mind of an intelligence operative to experience and understand in visual terms what military intelligence actually is. Our key message in this area shows how the use of intelligence can work together to make the world a better place.

Armed with understanding we enter the capabilities gallery, where the visitor interacts with a tool kit of skill tests. Observation, What’s going on? Understanding what have I seen? How to use the technical data observed. How to use the intelligence to protect our security. Asking the right question by talking to people. Deception and Psychology. Escape and Invasion. Help and Assistance.

We move forward into the exhibition space “Who do you think we are?” A gallery with a completely different look and feel . A 360 degree multi layered faceted surround of reactive and projected screens brings collections to life. Through interaction with the objects we discover the stories of the remarkable people involved.

Moving to the second floor of our building this zone is focused on Black Operations and the work of the political warfare executive. We study the work of Sefton Delmar and explore the Lee Richards collection of propaganda taking the story line up to the present day. We encounter “Fake News” and explain the dangers of the dark web, before moving onto our final experience which leads us into the future of technology and science. Here we find the Barbara Broccoli James Bond collection! We look at the development of gadgets and how some of the thinking behind them became reality. We link yesterday with the thinking of what might be tomorrow, engaging the public with where technology and intelligence is heading in the future. Satellite technology, the spy in the sky , the big data mobile phone intelligence revolution are all interacted with asking the visitor to embrace technology to make the world more humanitarian, safer and a better place.