Land of the Falcon

The Land of the Falcon interpretation plan is inspired by Arabic culture and heritage and evolves into state of the art science and learning facility as we journey around the world and study the traits and significance of these most magnificent creatures.

We enter the heritage space and are greeted by a giant Arabian horse and falconer in a desert-scape where we explore the centuries old links between the falcons and humans through an exhibition of heritage objects, cultural images , interactives and art set into the landscape at the oasis. At sunrise we move forward to the base of the wadi and into the mountains beyond.

A series of different zones reveal themselves as we discover the different eco-climates in which the live falcons are studied and data collected. Each of the environmental study centres is linked to various live research and conservation projects around the world. We enter the Tropical zone , the Tundra , the Steppes, the Scottish highlands and the Arctic circle where we recreate the falcon's natural climatic habitats. We look closely at the DNA of the falcons and the breeding chain observing and understanding points of weakness.

The wadi is our metaphor for linking different environments around the world together and helps inform the layout and directional visitor flow to the space

The project is supported by its learning library and state of the art smart education spaces with links to scientific, natural history, environmental and sustainability organisations around the world.

We have designed an amazing restaurant to relax and enjoy the evening on your day out and then take on board the live entertainment space in the form of a falcon maze where you can witness live demonstrations, concerts and performing arts.