Sri Lanka Experience

Sri Lanka as a destination has so much to offer , so much to discover and so much to explore that it is impossible to do it justice in one short holiday visit. The serendipity and cultural history of the island requires much more time to absorb and enjoy the atmosphere than the average visitor has at his or her disposal. Apart from the immense natural and physical history there is very little on offer in terms of a state of the art visitor attraction on the island. So how do I explore Sri Lanka?

The concept was born. If we could link both the business and tourist visitors to an attraction that enabled them to discover and explore Sri Lanka in a relatively short space of time, whilst having a totally enjoyable, entertaining and fun experience it is possible we could capture the imagination of the visitor to return for a longer stay.  Local interest would also be inspired as the facility would become a venue where people would come together as a centre of heritage, cultural knowledge, natural history and learning.

Our journey is layered with with a series of established primary concept themes considered after extensive research. We journey through ancient civilisations, through the Kandyan period of 1597-1815 and on into the British Colonial period from when Ceylon became a crown colony in 1802 to Independence being granted in 1948.

We discover Sri Lanka and its links with the sea, go on an immersive marine experience and uncover the world of Sri Lanka with a CGI /4D cinema ride.

We disembark inspired to Explore Sri Lanka by engaging with an interactive walkthrough landscape of tea plantations , street life , sport, food, heritage site recreations , dance and culture.